Submission Guidelines

Ensayos sobre política económica (ESPE) is an economic journal that aims to publish high-quality technical articles. Articles published by ESPE are noted for being interesting, original and technically correct. Therefore, the Editorial Board will consider for publication original unpublished research work, theoretical or applied, which is relevant to a better understanding of economic problems and of the policies required for solving them, and which have not been submitted for publication elsewhere.


Articles submitted to ESPE will be subjected to an evaluation by two reviewers (peer review) appointed by the Chief Editor. ESPE is committed to maintain the double-blind anonymity when reviewing of the article submitted for publication.


ESPE is currently indexed in Scientific Electronic Library Online (Scielo Colombia), International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS), CLASE (UNAM), International Periodicals Directory (ULRICH), CSA Social Sciences Collection including in the Worldwide Political Science Abstracts, and in the databases of Sociological Abstracts and Social Services Abstracts, and in the electronic indexes of American Economic Association, including Journal of Economic Literature on CD, e-JEL and EconLit and Scopus.

Submission Guidelines

1. Submission of a document to ESPE implies declaration from its authors that:


I). The work is original; II) the paper has not been published before; III) it is not being considered for publication elsewhere; IV) the acceptance of a paper for editorial review in no way implies a commitment from ESPE to publish it and V) if accepted, copyrights of the work will be transferred to ESPE.


2. Copyrights: 


The transfer of copyrights to ESPE becomes effective when the article is accepted for publication. It covers the rights to reproduce and distribute the article, all translation rights as well as the rights to publish the article in any electronic form. The document may be reproduced for academic purposes, so long as nobody profits from this, and always including the bibliographical references of ESPE. Once published, the authors may make their articles available on their personal website homepages, provided the source of the published article is cited. Reproduction of a document for any other purposes, or its link to any other website, will require express authorization by the Editor of ESPE. 


In addition, the authors must warrant that their contribution is original and that, to the best of their knowledge, their work does not infringe the rights of others. 


3. Documents must be written entirely in Spanish or English.


4. Original manuscripts must be submitted through


The manuscript may be submitted in a Word or LaTex document, and must always be accompanied by a version in PDF to ensure the correct treatment of symbols, formats and Tables of the document. The file must contain all the material constituting the paper, including graphs, tables and appendices. Authors must retain a personal copy of the file containing the version of the paper that has been submitted.


The first page of the manuscript must exclusively contain:


    1. Title.
    2. Names of all authors. 
    3. Institutional affiliation of each author.
    4. E-mail address of each author.
    5. The abstract, which shall not exceed one hundred and fifty words.
    6. At least three keywords.
    7. At least three JEL classification codes.
    8. Any acknowledgements.


Note: names of authors must not appear anywhere else in the manuscript


5. For the body of the document:


    1. Graphs and tables may be inserted within the text in order to facilitate its location in the layout process. These should be numbered separately and consecutively (eg: Table 1, Figure 1, Table 2, ...).
    2. Numbering of the headings must be consecutively throughout the paper, with numeric markers (e. g.: I Section, A. Subsection, 1. Subsubsection, etc.).
    3. Equations must be aligned to the left and numbered consecutively.
    4. Footnotes should be brief. When needed, they should only be used for clarification and must be numbered consecutively throughout the paper.
    5. References should be numbered and contain only those included in the text. The citation format used in APA can be looked up in the following link

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This content has been translated into English for informational purposes. Upon any query regarding its interpretation or enforceability, the Spanish version shall be deemed official, and will prevail over the English version. The authors of specific texts such as working papers or articles select the language of publication; therefore, there might be cases in which the content may only be available in English.